What is Belly Fat?

Although it can be easily developed, belly fat can be hard to lose and and requires an increase in exercise and changes in your diet.

There are two types of belly fat that can be seen through the stomach area; visceral and subcutaneous. These two types of fat differ, as visceral fat is found through the inner layers of the fat and subcutaneous fat is found directly under the skin, as this is the fat that is easily visible through the movement and motion of the skin.

There are two different ways that you can reduce the amount of fat in the body, depending on the exercises that are undertaken. Cardio exercises are often used to remove the inner layers of fat, but sometimes can leave the subcutaneous fat within the body, which can lead to the appearance of the extra skin through the body and therefore it is important to also complete exercises that are going to build muscle through the stomach area. These exercises are an effective way for you to increase the muscle within the abdomen and create a healthy appearance.

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