Causes of Belly Fat

There are a variety of causes that have been attributed to the development of belly fat. Genetics, as well as poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle can put you at risk of developing belly fat.

A high caloric intake within the diet is one of the leading causes of belly fat. This can include not only excessive eating, but the choices of food that are made through your diet. Choosing foods that are high in sugar or that are high in fat can

Genetics is another leading cause of belly fat. In the case that your parents, siblings or other members of the family have experienced difficulty getting rid of belly fat, you may find that you could experience these problems in the future. Although it can be impossible to avoid the genes, taking preventetive measures within your lifestyle can be an effective way to reduce the risks of developing belly fat.

Gender can leave a person at risk for developing excess fat and weight around the waist. Females are often higher disposed to body fat and therefore it is important to take measures to reduce the risks that are associated with belly fat. Since females have higher levels of hormones within the body and also have varying fluctuations of these hormones it leaves many women at risk of developing belly fat.

Different body types can be predisposed to body fat, like the apple body type of the pear body type can often be predisposed to the development of body fat. These body shapes are usually formed with the retention of fat that usually occurs through the middle of the body, through the stomach, and can therefore lead to additional weight being retained through the belly.

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